Prices and Availability

If you book directly with us instead of an online travel agent (Airbnb/TripAdvisor) you will save the cost of their booking fee which is usually 12% – 15% on top of the price of your holiday.

We are reluctant to take bookings of less than three nights but we often have short gaps to fill so please check the availability.

 ‘HEART OF AVALON’, 7 Rebels Way. BA6 9QD

7 Rebels Way, our new holiday home.

2019 Prices…… We have an opening offer on Heart of Avalon because it’s a new business.  Up until the end of March a week from Saturday to Saturday will be £500 plus £50 cleaning fee.  Short breaks will be £120 a night for up to four  guests or a family with children.  £140 a night for five adult guests.  £160 a night for six adult guests.


Ellen’s Garden

2019 Rate.  £350 – £500  a week plus a cleaning fee of  £35

Nightly rate of   £75 – £90 for a  3 – 5 night stay plus cleaning fee of  £35



Oriel Drive

2019 Rate…. between £300 – £450 a week depending on the season plus  £35 cleaning fee.

The Nightly rate for a 3 – 5  night stay will be between £75 and £90 depending on season, £35 cleaning fee.


Woodward Mews

2019 Rate……….£380 – £590 a week depending on the season plus a cleaning fee of £45

The nightly rate for a 3 – 5 night stay is between   £90 – £120 plus a cleaning fee of  £45